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About Bath, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Bath, Somerset, England, UK)

Bath was once a Roman city of rest and relaxation. After battle, Roman soldiers would travel to Bath to recuperate in its numerous hot springs. Bath is one of the best surviving examples of Georgian architecture in the world.

There are many popular tourist destinations in Bath. Visitors can soak up in the many hot springs around the city before going to the shops. Sports fans can enjoy watching a Bath Rugby match. Visitors can also tour the American Museum and explore the city's fine Georgian architecture.

What to do in Bath

Tourists can experience soaking up in the city's hot springs and spas. The most famous of Bath's many spas is the Thermae Bath Spa. It has gained notoriety for being extremely behind schedule in its construction. It has cost over 35 million pounds sterling to build. Non-the-less it has breathed new life into this neglected national treasure.

Visitors who come in February can experience the Toy and Train Collectors' Fair in February. Usually held at the Show Ground, this toy fair brings together the largest congregation of toy manufacturers and collectors in England. Tourists with children are advised to visit Bath at this time because February is considered off-peak season, and rates on accommodations are lower.

Tourist Attractions

The red double decker bus tours are the best way to see all of Baths attractions in one go. The city certainly is a tourist magnet and at its heart is the historical Bath Abbey, where several Kings of England have been coronated. It has some magnificent valuted ceilings and stained glass windows. Nearby is the famous Roman baths with the Pump Room attached, which today serves as a restaurant and offers free views of the baths. The 18th Century Assembly Rooms are another important attraction with their Ball Room, Octagon and Card Room, as well as the Museum of Costume.

All popular images of Bath invariably include the famous Georgian Terraces for which the city is famous and these are located a short walk away from the centre. Another highlight is the former house of celebrated Bath writer Jane Austin, which now serves as a museum. The city has lovely pedestrianised central street, several shopping centres and numerous parks. The river is also an added attraction made famous by the weir beneath the famous Poultney Bridge over the River Avon.

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